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Edición Junio-Julio 2017

Lista de recursos, principalmente, en forma de reports, pero también sitios web, sobre los temas que monitoriza el OCM. Como Internet es dinámico, la lista inevitablemente cambiará, en general, para añadir nuevos recursos.  Ocasionalmente, para retirar recursos manifiestamente obsoletos. Las categorías, 5 actualmente, también pueden sufrir modificaciones, generalmente, para añadir alguna nueva si aparecen recursos de calidad relacionados. Regularmente consolidaremos los cambios, lo que dará lugar a una nueva edición.  Principales fuentes utilizadas.

Temas principales


  • Chatbots Magazine
    «The #1 place to learn about chatbots» Una publicación de la plataforma Medium que publica con regulariedad estados de la cuestión sobre el uso de chatbots en diferentes contextos y aborda aspectos del diseño de la interacción.

  • Cheat Sheet: All Facebook Messenger Bots Interactions
    «When designing a product for the web or mobile world, we usually operate within certain types of interactions and user interface elements — text fields, forms, buttons, checkboxes, or switches, for example. In the chatbot world, the interface elements are different».

  • Nieman Lab – Chatbots
    Compilación de artículos curados por el Nieman Lab sobre chatbots aplicados a medios de comunicación.

  • Politibot
    Análisis de Politibot, un medio de comunicación especializado en política y periodismo de datos que utiliza un chatbot para comunicarse con su audiencia.

  • Why the Washington Post is building chatbots to deliver the news
    «The Washington Post is one of many big-name publishers developing such a news bot, and so far it’s just known internally as the WaPo bot, according to Joey Marburger, director of product at the newspaper. His team, which includes two engineers, is building the bot as more messaging apps open to such third-party experiences. Kik is launching a bot store today, and Facebook is getting ready to launch a bot store on Messenger, at its F8 conference next week, according to sources».

Modelos de Negocio

  • Nieman Lab · Business Models
    Complilación de artículos publicados por el Nieman Lab sobre modelos de negocio en el sector de la comunicación social

  • Nieman Lab · Newsonomics
    Complilación de artículos publicados o curados por el Nieman Lab sobre modelos de negocio en empresas periodísticas. Tiene un cierto solapamiento con la sección anterior.

  • Pay Models in European News
    «More and more news organisations are implementing paywalls, as legacy revenues continue to erode and digital advertising increasingly go to large technology companies. In this factsheet, we present an overview of the diffusion of different forms of pay models across a sample of 171 of the most important news organisations in six European countries (Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and the UK). Results show that different types of news organisations adopt diverse approaches».

Periodismo inmersivo y realidad virtual

  • Going Beyond the Classic News Narrative Convention: The Background to and Challenges of Immersion in Journalism
    The disappearance of the screen’s physical barrier, the fourth wall, challenges many of the narrative conventions used in the traditional journalistic account. This is an area in which we are still taking the first steps, but these moves have already raised interesting narratological challenges. Technological development allows us not only to have the sensation of being elsewhere but also to interact with the storytelling elements. In this article, the author reviews the steps that have been taken up to the present time in the use of these platforms for news. She revises as well the reflections carried out by disciplines connected with narrative construction on the challenges of this new way of factual storytelling. The implications of being inside the scene of the action and being able to interact with it means rethinking the conventions of audiovisual editing and the visual perspective of the audience, as well as the relevance of the three-dimensional nature of real sound and the freedom to act inside the story without modifying the real course of the events.
  • Immersive Journalism
    «Invitamos a periodistas, empresas periodísticas y profesionales de la comunicación a descubrir, probar e inspirarse con el fenómeno del “Immersive Journalism”. Producimos las primeras piezas de “Periodismo Inmersivo” realizadas en España gracias a un trabajo de co creación entre los profesionales de algunos de los principales medios españoles.»

  • Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and Predictions 2017 
    «This year’s key developments will centre on fears about how changing technology is affecting the quality of information and the state of our democracy. The arrival of Donald Trump in the White House and elections in France and Germany will highlight the increasing power of new communication channels as traditional media continues to lose both infl uence and money.»

  • Virtual Reality Journalism
    «After decades of research and development, virtual reality appears to be on the cusp of mainstream adoption. For journalists, the combination of immersive video capture and dissemination via mobile VR players is particularly exciting. It promises to bring audiences closer to a story than any previous platform. Two technological advances have enabled this opportunity: cameras that can record a scene in 360-degree, stereoscopic video and a new generation of headsets.»

  • VR for News: the New Reality?
    «In the past three years, virtual reality (VR) journalism has emerged from its early experimental phase to become a more integrated part of many newsrooms. At the same time, technological advances have made the medium available to consumers, especially in the form of 360 videos watched on smartphones, sometimes supplemented by a cheap cardboard headset.»

Noticias falsas

  • Fake News, Misinformation, and Propaganda – Harvard Library
    This page provides background information, links, and tools from outside organizations to help guide users in navigating potential fake news

  • Real News about Fake News
    The growing stream of reporting on and data about fake news, misinformation, partisan content, and news literacy is hard to keep up with. This weekly roundup offers the highlights of what you might have missed.

    Wikitribune is a news platform that brings journalists and a community of volunteers together. We want to make sure that you read fact-based articles that have a real impact in both local and global events. And that stories can be easily verified and improved.

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