Interaction Experience in Digital News Media

interaction experience
Chaper book Interaction experience

Since its inception, and over the many intervening decades, classic journalistic praxis has been founded on the use of text as a narrative vehicle, supported, in certain situations, by complementary images, tables, and graphs that sustain the argumentative discourse. However, technological advances, and the search for new business models that can guarantee the economic sustainability of media companies, have revolutionized this basic narrative scheme.

The new ecosystem is built around two critical concepts that give meaning to much of current journalistic praxis: namely, the digital news media and interaction. The scenario created by the new media cannot, however, be examined from a single perspective; rather, its polyhedral nature means that it has to be addressed from more than one point of view. This book seeks to analyze the multidimensional phenomenon of the digital news media centering the discussion around the importance of the role played in it by interactivity.


Interaction experience, Digital news media, Storytelling, Information visualization, Immersive journalism, User experience, Newsonomics, Intellectual property, Scientific production.



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