The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas

The Knight Center
The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas
Nombre The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas

University of Texas at Austin


The Knight Center was created in August 2002 as a professional training and outreach program for journalists in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our main objective is to train journalists and help them develop training programs that will raise the ethical and professional levels of journalism.

The Knight Center has also helped to create a new generation of independent journalist organizations. These organizations have created self-sustaining training programs to raise the ethical and professional levels of journalism, thereby contributing to the freedom of press and democracy in the hemisphere.

Their four main activities are:

  1. To help journalists create and/or strengthen organizations to elevate journalism standards and defend press freedom in the hemisphere.
  2. To organize seminars and workshops in person and on the Web to increase the skills of reporters, editors, and photojournalists.
  3. To maintain a trilingual Web site (in English, Portuguese, and Spanish) that monitors daily journalism news in the Americas and offers useful resources for journalists.
  4. To organize the Austin Forum on Journalism in the Americas—an annual conference and a permanent network of organizations dedicated to journalism training and press freedom in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Online Courses
The Knight Center’s trilingual Distance Learning program has trained 85,000 people from around the world with our innovative online, multimedia platform. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) and Big Online Courses (BOCs) on topics ranging from video production to data visualization are taught on our platform at

Digital Library
The Knight Center maintains a free multilingual library of reports on journalism in the hemisphere and digital journalism training manuals.


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Revisión Junio 2018

The Kinght Center a través de la plataforma ofrece cursos en línea gratuitos o de bajo coste desde 2003. A partir del 2012 el Centro Knight comenzó a ofrecer cursos masivos abiertos en línea (MOOCs) que son gratuitos. Los participantes deben pagar una pequeña tarifa únicamente si desean tener un certificado de finalización.

Los  cursos cubren una gran variedad de temas que incluyen visualización de la información, periodismo de investigación, ética, periodismo digital, informes electorales, cobertura de conflictos armados, periodismo de datos, etc.