Según Bloomberg: «los medios de comunicación se están hartando de Facebook»

Fuente: Bloomberg

Según Bloomberg, los medios de comunicación se están hartando de Facebook:

Media Companies Are Getting Sick of Facebook

Facebook’s efforts to build a library of high-end original videos are meeting resistance from publishers frustrated by the way the company has treated them. (…)

When Facebook Inc. wants to try something new, one of its first calls is to CNN. It was a key partner when Facebook introduced its news-reading app, Paper, in 2014. When the social network shuttered Paper soon after, transmogrifying it into a series of fast-­loading News Feed stories called Instant Articles, CNN remained on board. And last year, when Facebook began focusing on hosting live video, CNN was one of the few parties to which it paid a nominal fee to produce clips of, say, election results being projected on the Empire State Building.


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