Interaction in Digital News Media: From Principles to Practice

Introduction Digital News Media (DNM) are characterized by their efforts to provide consumers with new content interaction experiences, which contrast with the more passive experiences provided by traditional news media. This book directly addresses these interaction experiences, taking the reader … Leer más

The Routledge Handbook of Developments in Digital Journalism Studies [review]

The Routledge Handbook of Developments in Digital Journalism Studies offers a unique and authoritative collection of essays that report on and address the significant issues and focal debates shaping the innovative field of digital journalism studies. In the short time this … Leer más

Patterns in Award Winning Data Storytelling: Story Types, Enabling Tools and Competences [review]

Abstract Data storytelling is rapidly gaining prominence as a characteristic activity of digital journalism with significant adoption by small and large media houses. While a handful of previous studies have examined what characterises aspects of data storytelling like narratives and … Leer más

Black Mirror and Critical Media Theory [Book information]

Editorial abstract Black Mirror and Critical Media Theory provides insight into why the Black Mirror series has garnered so much popular attention. Featuring international scholars of popular culture, media theory, and digital technologies, the book reverse-engineers Black Mirror episodes and invites readers to consider their own relationships … Leer más