Examining the Most Relevant Journalism Innovations: A Comparative Analysis of Five European Countries from 2010 to 2020 [open access article]

This article attempts to fill this research gap by providing a theoretical framework that deals with the function of journalism in society as well as with the multifaceted meaning of innovation in a time of constant media change.

Public Service Media laboratories as communities of practice: implementing innovation at BBC News Labs and RTVE Lab [open access article]

This study addresses how innovative PSM labs are managed, focusing on the cases of BBC News Labs and RTVE Lab. The methodology is based on participant observation in their workplaces, as well as semi-structured interviews with a purposive sample of 23 managers and employees.

Health and science-related disinformation on COVID-19: A content analysis of hoaxes identified by fact-checkers in Spain [open access article]

A massive “infodemic” developed in parallel with the global COVID-19 pandemic and contributed to public misinformation at a time when access to quality information was crucial. This research aimed to analyze the science and health-related hoaxes that were spread during the pandemic with the objectives of (1) identifying the characteristics of the form and content of such false information, and the platforms used to spread them, and (2) formulating a typology that can be used to classify the different types of hoaxes according to their connection with scientific information.

Media all over the world face the coronavirus crisis; How international digital media deal with public issues [review]

digital media

Review of the paper for the Meistudies Conference – 3º Congresso Internacional Media Ecology and Image Studies “Democracia, meios e pandemia” (Portugal, Nov. 2020), by Ana Serrano Tellería and Javier Díaz Noci (DigiDoc research group cordinator).

WhatsApp como canal de información política en España: credibilidad, perfil de usuarios y compartición de contenidos [reseña]


Reseña del artículo sobre WhatsApp de los investigadores UPF Carles Pont, Reinald Besalú y Lluís Codina, publicado en revista Profesional de la Información.